Medical astrology
is a Science which deals with the knowledge of both astrology and medicine. Horoscope is very potential instrument in the diagnosis of various diseases. We all know that whole world is looking for best procedures for regaining health and various new tools of medical science which is frequently used world wide but still lot of questions are yet to be unanswered. Why best of medicines do not work? Even in a simpler disease? Why miracles happen even in such complicated cases where there is no ray of hope? These questions regularly hurts the medical science while astrology is looking for menís destiny which he has brought at the time of his childhood, it has various fields and lot of mathematical calculation on the basis of position of planets in a given horoscope.

By examining the planetary combinations & placements in a natal chart or progressed chart a medical astrologer can ascertain psychological or physical weakness that may be causing diseases. The Medical astrologer can advice the person for the precautions and physiological remedies.

Today's Astrology is no more an occult science of mysteries but it is a modern science based on scientific facts & research to help mankind. So medical astrology is a tribute towards service to good health.